Vocals & Guitar

„Only a Gibson is good enough“ is the answer. Wisdom of our lead singer and guitar whirlwind. The stage is his home, where he twists with his guitar, and makes the audience sing along.




With his 4 strings he controls the lower frequencies as the first half of the rhythm section. A perfect example of a rock-solid groover, where it's obvious that he's feeling every played note.




At the back a 1982 Tama Superstar drumkit gets smashed every gig and is still looking like 3 weeks old. Thunderous grooves and lots of sweat are the special ingredients of Klaus, completing the experience of a real rock show.



Founded in 2008 the name Red Machete declares ROCK on every stage.

Heavily influenced by 70's rock bands they are writing and performing songs since the beginning. After gaining some experience on various stages the band released their first official EP called "Electric Power" in February 2013. This release marked the first step (on the long way) to the top without any compromises.

As Rock 'N' Roll Power Trio a lot of energy is produced on stage, heading straight through the audience to electrify them and don't let them forget the performance. With the sails set and headed forward the band continues to rock from stage to stage with full energy.

But the batteries are still fully charged and Red Machete continues rocking for the satisfaction of their audience and fans.


Seit 2008 steht der Name Red Machete für ROCK auf jeder Bühne.

Im Stil vieler 70er Rock Bands entstehen seit der Gründung Songs und werden in zahlreichen Live-Shows gelebt. Nach dem Sammeln einiger Bühnenerfahrung erschien im Februar 2013 ihre erste offizielle EP "Electric Power". Diese Veröffentlichung markierte den ersten Schritt am langen Weg zur Spitze ohne Kompromisse.

Als Rock 'N' Roll Power Trio entsteht eine geballte Ladung Energie auf der Bühne, die das Publikum mitreisst und den Auftritt nicht vergessen lässt. Mit gesetzten Segeln und dem Kurs voran rockt die Band mit voller Energie von Bühne zu Bühne.

Doch die Kräfte sind noch längst nicht erschöpft und Red Machete rocken weiterhin, um die Zuschauer und Fans mitzureissen.

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