Bright Lights Artwork

Bright Lights

Our full length debut album with 10 Tracks of finest Hard Rock. Available as CD, LP or Download.

  1. Hungry
  2. Never Stop
  3. All For You
  4. One More Chance
  5. Ninetynine And One
  6. Feeding The Flame
  7. Give It All Up
  8. Here And Now
  9. Bad Love
  10. Rock The Show

Total running time: 45:00

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One More Chance Video

Music video for One More Chance, a track from the Bright Lights album.

Ninetynine And One

Music video for Ninetynine And One, a track from the Bright Lights album.

Electric Power

Our first EP, 4 pages booklet, recorded in Hagenberg.

  1. High Volume Rock 'N' Roll
  2. City Of Angels
  3. Be Prepared
  4. Lonely Streets
  5. New Way

Total running time: 22:21

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